The answer is yes. Indeed, we will tell you more: blackjack is one of the few online table games where this strategy, born in land-based gambling halls, can also be applied to its virtual counterpart on paper with greater ease. Playing live, it is necessary to respect the timing dictated by the croupier. Online, however, nobody forbids you to take all the time you need before deciding what to do.

Counting cards at blackjack: advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of counting blackjack cards are proven. Still, on the other hand, casinos today have taken their precautions, and doing so is much more difficult, not to say impossible, due to a variety of reasons. Let’s try to understand the possible disadvantages or consequences – sometimes unpleasant – that can be encountered.

A mental effort not by everyone

Since we are not talking about counting sheep before falling asleep, one of the best-known downside in counting cards at blackjack is precisely the kind of effort and mental predisposition it requires. Just think that the group of MIT students mentioned above, who inspired the film 21 with Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne, had to study at the table a sort of staging that involved four or five players, in addition to a mnemonic preparation and counting not indifferent – however almost impossible without a strong aptitude for arithmetic.

We recommend the vision of 21 if you do not know it, both to understand the mental and organizational effort that MIT students have had to face to win at blackjack by counting the cards, and – and perhaps above all – to realize what could happen to you if a casino should notice that you are using this strategy.

Where’s the fun?

Those who try to count cards when playing blackjack cannot be distracted in any way, because otherwise, they risk losing the count and frustrating the efforts made up to that moment. At this point, as that guy said, the question arises: does it make sense to do it?

Blackjack, like all casino games, must first of all be a source of fun and relaxation, away like any other to relax and clear your mind. But if the mind is occupied with calculations, additions, and subtractions, how can it relax? A decidedly impossible mission.

Counting cards at blackjack: yes or no?

To conclude, we can say that it is a good test of skill that you can also train by trying to play and count cards at online blackjack.

Would you recommend it? Honestly not. Better to think about having fun while playing, instead of making your brain smoke!

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